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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Poison Ivy Cosplay

The last of the induction series as a urology resident is the body painting contest.  The theme for this year was Pinagbenga, since the event was held in the beautiful city of Baguio.  I thought of how I can make this my style, and I had to consider certian 'things'.

  1. Since I'm the only girl in the UST Urology as of the moment, I can't let those boys paint on my body?! What would my parents think???!!!
  2. I don't like paint all over my body! It's difficult to wash off.
  3. I need someone to help me in the body paint and in putting on my makeup and costume etc etc
So I decided that I want a character that will feature flowers in her costume (Of course, has to be a she, I don't want to cross dress at least for this event.) I have to incorporate body paint into the costume as well.

So I decided on POISON IVY! I searched the net and found that I really love the version of Uma Thurman.
I was particularly drawn with the glitters to tell you the truth.  

Luckily, the OR staff had a party not too long ago wherein one of the staff nurses had a made to order Poison Ivy costume. I was lucky enough that it fitted me!!!!  Then for the wig, I had to look at olx and found a Baguio-based cosplayer who happened to have a poison Ivy costume for rent.  I just rented the red wig, since I was able to borrow the costume form the nurse already. Plus she helped me with the makeup and body paint as well!

Then I thought that the green part of arms and legs will be the body painting part.  It's easier to wash off since only my arms and legs will be painted, and I will not look ill-prepared since the costume was magnificent, and... it's not too revealing (that's the most important part).

You can see how I made the Headdress, Boot Cover & Arm Band & Leg Band in these respective pages.

I think this was a success even if I didn't win any prize, since I was able to make this into something that suits my style.  Losing doesn't hurt that much (your pocket especially) when you enjoyed doing the DIYs.

Here's an overview of the other contestants of the body painting contest.

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