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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sending Smiles this Christmas

Ever since I underwent surgery and in the process of recovering and struggling between the ups and downs of my thyroid hormone levels, I thought of doing an artsymed project.  I thought of giving christmas cards away to people who have come to touch my life in some way or the other.

I can still remember my teachers' smile whenever they receive delivered christmas cards in highschool.  In highschool, the student council has a project of delivering christmas cards to whomever you want it delivered.  And I can still remember how excited students were in waiting for christmas cards to arrive and their happiness when they receive these cards.

So this year's Artsymed Christmas Project was that I hope to send smiles to people.  As you could see in my previous post, while recovering from surgery, I experienced depression and making cards somehow helped me lessen my sadness.  I can still remember crying when I made these cards, they helped me through depression, when I was all alone. But I would smile everytime I can see these cards done, I hope these cards can send smiles to others as well.

Here are a few cards I made for this christmas season:

I didn't realize I made a lot of cards, I got lazy editing them all to post here.  These are just a few of them.

I realized, doing crafts is a great technique to lessen unhappiness and probably depression as well. Truly applying arts and crafts in the field of medicine!

Merry Christmas everyone!
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