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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Closet Costume: Mime

And so I went to another party and I only discovered that the party had a 'theme' 1 day before the party.  No time to make special costumes, not even have a time to rent some costume online.

I attended for the first time a christmas party from another institution besides UST, this was Cardinal Santos Surgery Christmas Party and it was titled: "Cirque du Surg".  Carnival was the theme of the christmas party.

Looking at carnival costumes, I would really love to be a ringmaster or a showgirl with all the glitters, sequins, wig and makeup! But with less than 24 hrs to prepare, I had to do with what I have in my closet.

Then this came to the picture:

This is a more feasible costume.

Key elements to this mime costume:
  • black and white striped top
  • plain black pants/shorts/skirt
  • Mime Makeup
Add-ons you can do to spice up your get-up
  • Black hat (preferably bowler hat or beret) but any plain black hat may do. As long as not the cowboy hat.
  • white gloves
  • Red scarf/handkerchief to use as scarf
  • black suspenders
Here's what I did with the mime costume:

I borrowed my mom's striped top and used my regular black pants.

Here's my makeup:

Ideally you should have a lighter base, around 2 shades lighter than your usual shade or white foundation. But I don't have both, so I just used my regular bb cream and concealer to hide my pimples. I drew a diamond shape with the upper half in my upper eyelid and the lower half with the lower eyelid using my black liquid eyeliner.  I extended my eyeliner like a cat-eye but longer and added a dot to each.  Then I tripled the layer of my blush on, since mimes have rosy cheeks and dark lipstick.

The best of all, ENJOY!

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