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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Poison Ivy Armband & Legband Tutorial

Another part of Poison Ivy Costume DIY
You can check the Socks Boot Cover Tutorial & the Headdress Tutorial to know how I made those accessory and you can check the overall look in here

Now let's start with my very childish introduction:
Of course Uma Thurman's version of Poison Ivy Costume wouldn't be complete without the glitters!!!!

I don't have time to put on body glitter, so I decided to make an armband and legband (if that's what it's called) instead.

Green felt fabric (hard)
Paper & Pencil
Green & Gold glitters
PVA Glue
Sewing Kit

Step 1 - Measure your arm width and your leg width and cut the appropriate elastic length.  Sew the two ends together to form a ring. Draw different sizes of leaves into your paper.
Step 2 - Cut these patterns and use them as guide to cut your felt fabric shapes.  Cut many shapes using the different sizes of leaves.

Step 3 - Place some glue onto your felt fabric and pour glitters over them!!  Allow to dry
Step 4 - Glue the pieces onto the elastics.  Remember to use only drops of glue, do not glue the entire elastic and just place the leaves on top, this will harden the elastic and it will not be elastic anymore. 

And you're done!

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