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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Poison Ivy Headdress

This is a part of Poison Ivy Cosplay tutorial series. You can check how I made the boot cover using in this page: Socks Boot Cover Tutorial
The arm band and leg band can be found here: Arm Band & Leg Band Tutorial
The overall look can be found here: Poison Ivy Cosplay

Let's first look at our inspiration for the headdress:

The version played by Uma Thurman is one of my favorite versions of Poison Ivy Costume.

Materials needed (I bought everything in Dangwa, except for pliers and glue gun):
red headband
plastic leaves
fake fabric red roses
glue gun
Fake red crystals / sequin flowers

Step 1 - Remove all the rose buds from the fake flower stem.  Remove also some small leaves from the leaf bouquet.

Step 2 - Using your hot glue, glue the roses into your red headband.
Step 3 - Wrap the wire of your crystals and sequin flowers in between the roses.

Step 4 - Glue in the plastic leaves.  

Step 5 - You're Done!!!!
Here's a picture when worn.

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