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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup Foundation - First Impressions Review

My... the name is really long for this foundation.  This is my first time to try from this high end brand, I borrowed this from my friend πŸ˜†.

Before I tried this product, I asked myself, what is in this product that they can sell it for P1000+ and people are actually willing to pay that amount of money for it... Well let's see...

It is in a plastic pump bottle.  I love that it's frosted.  Having it in a pump bottle is an advantage since I think it's more sanitary.

Lotion Smell
Consistency Slightly creamy texture, I feel it has a pink undertone to it.

Coverage Medium to full.  I got the shade: "Believe in Me - Ivory" by the way
I prepped my face with moisturizer and sunblock.  As seen in the picture above, I thought it has full coverage.  But when I already applied it to my face, it has medium coverage.  One layer was able to even out my skin tone and cover my pimple (forehead), it was able to cover a little of my under eye.  It is buildable by the way, you can spot conceal with it.  At first I thought it was too dark for me, but after a while, your skin will absorb it and it turned out to be my shade in the end.  It has a natural finish, but a little sticky, my hair sticks to my face after applying it.

I love the finish of this foundation.  It's true to its claim of giving you a flawless finish.  I felt it looked like airbrushed, but I never experienced it so I can't compare.  But my face looked really flawless.  It's also lightweight, I didn't feel like I was wearing makeup for 1 whole day.

You can apply either with your fingers of cushion puff sponge.

Now let's check for its longevity:

The foundation lasted for 16 hours.  In some parts, I saw it faded, but overall it looked pretty good.
Duration of use1 day
PriceI saw this P1950 in stores.
Your skin absorbs it readily
Flawless finish
a little sticky
Buy again?

PS: This is not sponsored.
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