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Friday, April 21, 2017

Heroine Make Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner - First Impressions

I was so disappointed with Majolica Majorica Line Hunter that I decided to buy a new black eyeliner and sell it.

I saw Pinay Youtuber Anna Cay hauled a lot of these when she went to HK, so when I was searching online to look for a liquid eyeliner, I decided to try this instead.

Packaging The packaging of this like the other heroinemake products has an anime (Marie Antoinette) in the box/plastic acetate container.

The pen is in black plastic packaging with silver lettering.

The tip is a brush tip. It's comparable with my Etude House Drawing Pen liner. It's easier to control as well.

SwatchAs I mentioned earlier, I got the black one. I love that I can easily control the thickness of the line as I wish

As shown in the picture this was very on point. But it bleed more than my Etude House Eyeliner.  Etude House Eyeliner is also more jet black.  But I'm satisfied with the 'blackness' of the Heroine Make Kiss Me Eyeliner.

I will mention again that I love that this is easily controllable.  It can make really thin line as well which I prefer most of the time.

I forgot to take picture of the waterproof test that I did.  But this is EXTREMELY WATERPROOF!  In fact even after 3 days of regular bath, the swatch above in my hand is still there!

This is was long lasting as well.  It lasted on me for 12 hours and it didn't budge.  It's advantage of waterproof is I think for me somewhat it's disadvantage as well.  It's so hard to remove! My Banila Co Clean it Zero could not melt it and even after double cleansing, it still leaves traces of it.
Duration of use1 day
PriceI got this for P350 from Carousell
Thin line
Easy to control
Difficult to remove
Buy again?

PS: This is not sponsored
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