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Monday, April 10, 2017

13 Things to Consider in Medical Missions

Summer is already here, and this is also the time when lots of people conduct medical missions and surgical missions. Lots of groups organizing this medical missions.

This post is for those who were recruited to help out in a medical mission, you're one of the heroic doctors who will be serving for free.  You're not part of the organizing committee of the medical mission. Just a simple doctor who's willing to help out.

So you were either recruited or you wanted to join the medical mission, what do you need to do or prepare??

  1. First thing that you have to ask is where the mission will be conducted? Is it a one day mission or a major mission wherein you go the the place and stay there for 3-7 days.  Your preparation will be based on the location of the mission.
  2. Is it a surgical mission? medical mission? or both? - the materials you will bring will depend on what type of mission it is.  If it's a medical mission, you may have to bring your stethoscope, pulse oximeter, bp app with you.  If it's a surgical mission - usually you don't bring anything since everything has to be sterile and usually the organizers have prepared those already.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes - usually I prefer a scrubsuit, since it's really comfortable.  If you don't have one, wear your comfy clothes, something that will abosrb perspiration like tshirt and jeans.
  4. Tie your hair back.  - The place that you will be going to is NOT the ideal place, and most of the time it's hot and humid.  So do yourself a favor and fix your hair tightly and neatly.

5. Wear comfortable shoes - I've participated in a surgical mission before wherein we climbed up a hill so it's better to be prepared for that also.

6. Wear Sunscreen - you'll be walking under the sun for sure, so do your skin a favor and apply some sunscreen.

7. Bring a towel/handkerchief - For sure it will be hot and humid, bring a handkerchief to wipe your perspiration

8. Don't wear makeup - this is not the time to be all girly and pretty nor cute.  If you really can't help it, be sure to wear waterproof makeup, something that can stand lots of sweat and oil.

9. Apply insect repellant - you'll never know where you'll do the mission, so it's better to protect yourself from Dengue Fever etc.
10. If it's somewhere near, Don't bring all your gadgets - just some of the basics. A phone that you can use to call someone if in case you got lost or something came up.

11.  Candy, water, biscuit - these little snacks may come in handy

12. Bring just enough money which you can use if in case you get lost.  At least you can come home with that money or you can buy food when you're hungry.

13. It will be great if you're with your friends.  It makes it more enjoyable. And always don't forget to have fun!

Did I miss anything? If you have more suggestions just comment down

PS: This is not a sponsored post.

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