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Friday, April 14, 2017

Shiseido Majolica Majorica Line Hunter - First Impressions Review

I got this as a 'Pasalubong' from my sister when she went to HongKong early January.  I was waiting for my Etude House Drawing Show Brush Eyeliner to expire before I could use this.

Packaging This has a very cute and intricate packaging.  I mean the printout that covers the basic black plastic pen eyeliner.  I'm posting the box as well because the design deserves posting on blogs. 😆

I really love the golden chrome design of the pen.

The tip is a brush tip.  It's stiffer and longer than Etude House in my opinion.  

SwatchThe shade that I have was BK999.  This liner so far gave me the thinnest line when drawn.  I think this is one of its major selling point.  However this "thin-ness" is also its disadvantage.  It's so thin that I had a hard time to thicken its application.

As shown in the picture this was very on point. It didn't bleed like the Etude House Drawing Eyeliner.

If you really wanted a very thin eyeliner, this is the one for you.  It can create really thin lines.  It's not Jet-black though which I prefer.  

What I hate about this product is that it's so thin that I have to apply multiple times just so I can get the desired thickness I want.  I'm having a hard time to thicken it the way I can control it. 
Another thing I hated is that it's too light for my liking.  I hate applying it 4x just so I can get the jet-black color.
It does not also glide smoothly like the Etude House, there's a bit of taggng of my eyelids on application.
Sorry for the poor quality, I thought when I saw the screen shot shown by the phone it was clear, but when I transferred it to my computer, it was blurry,

Waterproof Test
This sure is waterproof.
Duration of use1 week
PriceI'm not sure, but on research, this was P650
Thin line
Hard to create thicker line (Too thin!)
Difficult to control vs Etude House
Tags on my eyelids on application
Poor Color Pay-off, need to reapply multiple times to get the desired color
Buy again?
Recommend?No, unless you really want super thin line
4/10. I'm actually thinking of selling this.

If you'll ask me to choose between this vs Etude House? I'll take Etude House Drawing Eyeliner anytime.

PS: This is not sponsored
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