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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ever Bilena Liquid Lipstick - First Impressions Review

I have an incoming artsymed project so I bought this liquid lipstick, I need a mauvey type of color without breaking my wallet.

This comes in clear plastic tube with colored top.  The container is rectangular in shape.
This comes in a doe foot applicator that's easy to control.

Berry Candy scent
This has a moussy type, velvety texture.  It has kind of a thick consistency. I got the shade: Cashmere Blush by the way.

It's very pigmented, easy to apply and very comfortable to the lips.  The berry scent smells delicious which disappears eventually.  This feels like you have something on your lips but not that bothersome.  The finish is velvety then dries matte after a few hours.

This takes time to set in, I tried to do the kiss test at around 5 minutes after application but it has not set in yet.
This last for around 6 hours.  It's not food-proof but kiss-proof after around 1-2 hours.  After eating, there will be disappearance in the inner part of your lips.
Here's how it looks after eating my lunch.  You can spread it though so there's no need to retouch during this time.

If you'll ask me, I'd say this is a dupe for Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousse.

Berry Candy Scent
Comfortable to the lips, not drying
Dries Matte
Dupe for Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousse
Takes a while to set in
Not Food Proof
PS: This is not Sponsored
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