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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Biore Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash - Review

There was a time last year that "foaming" wash became a trend in my instagram.  It's said to be really gentle and doesn't strip away moisture from your face and these are especially helpful for people with dry skin type.  During that time Shisheido Foaming Wash was the popular one.   But I thought it's too tedious to make a foam and it's time-consuming.  I'm just too lazy to make a foam before I wash my face.

So when I was walking around Watson's, I saw this foam wash from Biore and I was intrigued by it.  So I bought it.

This comes in a very cute pink dispenser.  Everything in this packaging is just so cute!!!

This has a sweet candy scent.  Love the smell
When the foam comes out of the pump bottle, it's amazing!!! You'll wonder "How the hell did that happen?".  The foam looks like a cloud, it's light and puffy.

You only need one pump for this.  When applied to your face, it feels really good! And when you look into the mirror, you feel like you look like a marshmallow.

One of its claim is that you don't need to double cleanse since this is 2-in-1.  It removes makeup and at the same time cleanse your face in just one step.  Let's see..

I have my everyday light makeup.  A light shade of brown in my eyeshadow (Fashion21 and Ever Bilena), with brown liquid eyeliner (Peripera) and bb cream (Laneige cushion) as my base, I blush on is very light since I like it that way.  I think my lip tint is already out during this time, since I don't retouch (too lazy).

Here's after 1 wash:

As you can see, it was able to remove my eyeshadow and my bb cream but it was not able to remove my liquid eyeliner.  There are still some traces of it.

So it was not able to live to its claim of being able to remove makeup.

I usually use this in my double cleansing routine.  I still use my Banila Co Clean it Zero as my first step and this as my 2nd step.

I have mixed feelings about it's gentleness to the skin.  Sometimes I get stings after using this and sometimes none.  So I'm not sure if it's really gentle and I don't have sensitive skin.

But it's true that your face will not feel dry after using this, and you feel squeeky clean after using it as your 2nd step in double cleansing.
Duration of use4 months
PricePhp 299. Can be bought in Watson's, Landmark, PCX
Not drying
smells good: sweet candy scent
Foam feels good when applied to your skin.
Does not strip your skin's moisture.
Cannot completely remove makeup, still need to double cleanse
Buy again?
Probably, after testing other similar products

PS: This is not sponsored.
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