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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Peripera Wholly Deep Liner Marker - Review

I have to be guilty for not making a review for this eyeliner.  This was my go-to eyeliner for 1 whole year.  The performance is just so satisfying.

Packaging Black plastic pen like packaging.  There's a ball inside so you can shake it like a correction pen.

The tip is a brush tip.  I love how the brush is soft but not too soft that you'll have trouble in lining your eyes.  It's firm just the right firmness.

SwatchWhat I love most about this eyeliner is the control it gives you.  It's just the right amount of thinness and you can adjust its thickness so easily.  And it's easy to control also even easier than the Etude House Eyeliner.
PS: I bought the brown by the way
It only comes in 2 colors: black and brown

What more can I say? I'm speechless.  It's waterproof by the way.  The swatch I made in my hand lasted for 3 days with regular washing and bathing and scrubbing your hands inside the OR.

It dries quickly also and doesn't smudge.  It gives you the perfect line.

Duration of use1 year
PricePhp 440 from Mei Satsuki
Natural look
Easy to control
Can't think of any
Buy again?

PS: This is not sponsored
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