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Friday, March 17, 2017

Etude House Berry Delicious Cream Blusher - Review

As I was destashing my makeup, I realized that my Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher (Grapefruit Jelly) is already 2 years old.  I guess I have to change it since it's beginning to get itchy when I'm applying it.  It's just that I love how the Cookie Blusher looked on me, it's like I got too comfortable with it that I didn't even think of buying a new blusher.

Well obviously, I wanted my new blusher to be from Etude House again.  But I want a new line of blusher, since I want to try something new.

Packaging Pink plastic packaging, no mirror in the back of the cover, there's a very cute strawberry print on the cover a well.

There are I think only 3 shades of this line.  Mine is PK001.

There's a round acetate with white strawberry prints that's soo cute!  It also comes with a puff

This smells really good! It doesn't smell like strawberry though, it's more of sweet candy scent
SwatchIt's a cream blusher but it doesn't feel like a cream blusher.  It feels more like a dense powder if you get what I mean?  It's more on the powder side than on the cream side.

From the packaging, you feel like this is really pigmented.  But this has more of a matte finish and it's not that pigmented.

It claims to have a cream to powder finish.  I just find this more of a powder than a cream.  In fact, when I was buying this in the store, I thought of this as a powder blush than a cream blush.

I applied this a brush.  I did not use the puff that comes with it because I don't know how to use it.  Having the thought of a round blush in my face due to the puff scares me. hahah.

Duration of use3 days
PricePhp 478 (more expensive than the cookie blusher)
Smells delicious
Pigmentation just right for a blush
Cute packaging
Wish it has a mirror in the cover
Only 3 shades available
Buy again?

PS: This is not sponsored
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