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Friday, February 24, 2017

Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Palette - First Impressions

There's been a slight delay of my review posts, well it's because I've been busy preparing for my report (in urocon).  After the conference I felt really drained, like I've used up all of my energy for that conference.

Anyways... I'm supposed to review the Laneige Lip Mask, however I've decided to use it a little longer so I can make a more reasonable review for it.

Let's just have a first impressions first of this local brand, Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Kit.  This is the eyeshadow palette I've been wanting to buy since it offers a wide range of colors for you to play with. 

Packaging The packaging is a standard plastic black packaging.  There's no mirror in the cover which is a con for me.  There's no applicator also, which is another con also.  I feel that the plastic packaging will break easily.  

SwatchI got the Number 1 Palette.  The colors are very wearable with a total of 5 colors arranged from lightest to darkest shade.  It looks pigmented when swatched with my fingers but it's kind of light when I used a brush to swatch it.

The thing I hated the most with this palette is that they're chalky.  The powders just scatter all over the place.  This is a powder type of eyeshadow.  They're all glittery except for the darkest shade.

It has a satin to pearly finish, I have minimum fall outs also. Longevity wise it lasted for around 6-8 hours.

Duration of use1 day
PricePhp 195 regular price,
great for everyday use, wearable colors

It's unfair, but I can't help to compare it with my Nichido Stardust, I think that the Nichido has a higher value for money.
Buy again?
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