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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ellana Makeup Brush Cleaner vs Laverne Makeup Sanitizer

I first learned about Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer from Ann Clutz and I bought one from Beauty MNL.  The packaging is super nice! I bought P399 for 60 mL
As for the Ellana Cucumber Melon Makeup Brush Cleaner, this was recommended by the Saleslady from Landmark. I bought P340 for 120 mL (on sale, actual price 399 for 120 mL) This has a simple packaging as compared to the Laverne.

I was looking for a brush cleaner for spot cleaning and I happened to try these two products.  Here are my thoughts....

Ellana - This one smells really nice!!! I love the smell of the melon (cucumber, doesn't really smell like it in the product).  The delicious smell makes you enjoy spot cleaning your brushes more.
Laverne  - This has a alcohol smell. 

Ellana - I love how this really cleans my brushes, I can actually see the hint of white from the original.  It melts away your makeup in the brushes.  When you spray it, it's oily, but you will not feel the brushes to have an oily residue.
Laverne - In cleaning... I think this is inferior to Ellana.  It cleaned probably half of the makeup residue in the brush

Below is a comparison of their performance in spot cleaning my brushes.

In the end, I had to respray the brushes I cleaned with Laverne with the Ellana and it melted away the remaining makeup products.  Look at how much more is left!

Final Verdict
Ellana wins this round hands down.  It's cheaper, it smells nicer, and it cleans my brushes better than Laverne.
I actually have a feeling that Laverne has too much alcohol in it, well, I'm no chemist. Hahaha.
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