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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kuromi Face Powder - First Impressions Review

Ok I will admit it, the main reason I bought this is because of KUROMI!!! Kuromi is my favorite sanrio characters, I'm a sucker for this character.

So when I saw this, without hesitation bought it.   Then I came to look what is the brand.  This is from Angel Cover Wonder Collect Face Powder.   I bought this on instagram last year, I forgot the online shop sorry.  But recently I see these often in Bazaars already.  I really have to hold my restraints from using this since I still have a face powder during that time.

PS: you can check availability of other characters 😍

Packaging The main reason I bought this is because of the packaging.  I really didn't care if the shade wouldn't match me, I'll just replace the contents with something that matched me, but thankfully this comes in a light shade. Anyways... Don't you just love looking at this???

It comes in a plastic twistable cap container.  This contains 10g of the powder.  The size of the container is 6.5 cm in diameter and 3.5 cm height.  

Inside you get a kuromi puff and a shifter below it so that the product will not spill all over the place.

The puff is the star of the packaging, the idea is definitely ingenious!!! It's a regular cotton at the back.

Too bad, this came with only 1 shade: Light Beige
I put a little first in the cap.  I used a brush instead, since I like baking using brush or a sponge instead of using a puff.

What i loved about this is that the powder is very fine, it glides so smoothly when you apply it onto your face
Performance-wise, it's not the best..., It's not the worst either, sometimes stuffs like these, where they're too cute, they tend to flunk at performance.  This is acceptable as a loose powder.  Nothing special about it.

Duration of use1 day
PriceI forgot how much I bought it, but looking at a website, it costs around P1239.  Freaking expensive
Fine powder, glides very smoothly onto your face
No smell
Translucent when applied
Freaking expensive for a loose powder, but hey what the heck? You're paying for the packaging!
Buy again?
Yes - because I so much love Kuromi!!!! This makes me happy whenever I see this product and no money can replace the joy I feel whenever I see kuromi.
Recommend?If money is not an issue - yes
but if you want to get your money's worth, there are better loose powders out there.
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