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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Beauty Bakery Milk and Vanilla Sea Salt Scrub - First Impressions

I have never tried a sea salt scrub before ever... haha... at least in the comfort of my home... I've tried some foot spa before, when we had our vacation in Baguio though.  My friend, Judy gave this to me, since she has an extra according to her... (Whew... good thing though, I'm running out of things to review hahahahaha... since all the products I've reviewed are NOT Sponsored in any way.)

So let's begin... this is a new experience for me too... 😊

It comes in a very cute plastic bottle with a cork cap.  The plastic bottle is translucent with sticker label.  It also comes with a wooden spoon.  The jar contains 200g of the product

Mild vanilla scent.  I couldn't smell the milk, if there's supposed to be a scent, nor the "salty" smell like the oceans haha.
It's like fine salt.  Less coarse than the rock salt, but coarser than the iodized salt... (if that makes sense?)

Let me show you first my bare feet before application....
EEWW!!!... So many dry flaky skin and it's not picture worthy....
A small amount can go along way.  Here I applied the scrub in my wet right foot and my left foot none.  It's not harsh... It feels like you're rubbing salt/sugar onto your foot.  While I was applying this, my geeky mind was thinking... "Since my foot is wet when I applied the salt... won't it dissolve???"  Anyways, that's beyond the scope of this blog.

I then rinsed it off.  It didn't turn into anything milky, ( I was expecting it will emulsify to milky texture since there was a word milk in its name.) 
Here's a comparison of my both feet.  I thought that there's no difference in both my feet.

That's what I thought.... I felt my right foot more smooth than my left foot.   And since I did this after my morning shower, when I went to work.. My right foot really FELT IT!!! It's more sensitive than the left one.  I can really feel every step whenever my right foot lands on the floor while walking.  In Filipino, "Damang Dama ng paa ko talaga."

I'm recommending that you do this on a weekend, when you will be expecting to just rest at home.  This can be part of your pampering routine at home.
Duration of use1 day
Exfoliates your skin
Smells good
I couldn't think of any con

I may be biased since I'm not the type of person who's into body scrubs...  I guess I have mixed feelings on this: I don't think this is essential though and if maybe I have extra money, I will buy this.

Oh yeah, since this is a gift, I'm not sure how much this is.  But in Beauty MNL it's Php 350.  I think not bad already.
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