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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sulwhasoo Firming Cream - First Impressions Review

I've been intrigued with creams from Sulwhasoo, since I've seen good reviews in social media.  The main con for this brand is that it's expensive, and classified as a luxurious brand.  To satisfy my curiousity, I bought a sample from online shop in instagram.

No comment on the packaging since I bought the sachet. But it's simple and elegant.

Citrus, herbal scent
The cream is moderately thick.

When you apply it, it feels moderately thick and a little heavy on your skin.  It feels a little stick when you applied it at first.  But after your skin has absorbed the cream, it feels light and the stickiness disappears.  At first I thought that there's nothing special with this cream, it feels like any regular cream, but after around 1 hour, I felt the effect already.  It was moisturizing and I can feel my skin get 'plumped' (if that's the proper term).  Also the citrus herbal scent which I really don't like, disappears eventually.  It kind of feels like you're putting some snail products actually...

Duration of use1 day
What I love about this is that it really makes your skin feeeel gooooooood!  After a while of applying it feels kind of luxurious
Herbal Scent
Expensive for the full size product
Yes, if you won't look at the price

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