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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint - First Impressions

This has been in my stash for quite a while now, since I have too many lippies still needed to use all um before venturing on a new lip product.

The shade that I got to try out is CR01 something perfect for everyday use. I bought mine from an online shop in Instagram: Mei Satsuki (@memey_satsuki).  She has also a shoppee and facebook account.

Packaging is one of the best feature of this lip tint.  The miniature wine bottle is so darn cute!

The smell is my most favorite feature of this lip tint.  It smells reallly realllly good like a legit wine.  And when you apply it, it gives you that good feeling and the scent is only temporary since if it's always there, you may be irritated with it.
The smell when you apply it is really delicious.  Immediate application, you'll feel it's really sticky but after a while the stickiness will be gone.  The applicator is a doe foot applicator. 
It's very lightweight when you apply it, you won't feel you have lip product in your lips.  It's not moisturizing.  But it's not drying also.  My inherent dry lips didn't dry/chap when I use this product.  It's ok to not apply lip balm underneath it. If you do apply lip balm, it may look patchy though.

Kissproof Test - Kissproof!, NOT Foodproof

Longevity Test - Gradient Lips
For the gradient lips, it lasted for around 4 hours before you need to retouch.

Longevity Test - Full Lips
For the full lips, it lasted for around 6 hours.

Duration of use2 days, 1 for the gradient, 1 for the full lips
Smells delicious
not drying
Lasts for 4-6 hours only (I prefer really long lasting lips products.)
Expensive (P405)
Not foodproof
Yes, if you won't look at the price
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