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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara and Remover - First Impressions

People have been raving about this mascara, saying it's their holy grail mascara.  I was skeptical at first to try this out for 2 reasons: First, it more expensive than my usual P200 worth of mascara from Faceshop, and it's said to be very difficult to remove since it's really waterproof!

Well since part of me wanted to try this out for a long time, I just told myself why not give it a try anyways.

Simple black plastic packaging for the mascara with silver top, looks simple and elegant.  For the remover, pink plastic.

As for the Bristles of the mascara...

The wand is curved with just the right amount of length of the bristles.
The mascara remover on the other hand had super short bristles.
This smells like really like chemical.  Do you know the smell when you curl your hair in the salon? That's how it smells like, although when you apply it, you won't smell it anyways.
It's a little watery although what I love about it is that it doesn't go all over the place.
When you apply it, you can really tell that it makes wonders to your eyelashes! It can coat your individual lashes with ease, it lengthens them and volumize a little although not so much.  It gives you that really made up look but still looks natural which was why I really love this.

Here's a picture of one eye with mascara and the other without.  It's not even clumpy!
It lasted for 12 hours in my case which I had to remove after 12 hours since I don't like sleeping with makeup on. But I bet it can last longer, since it didn't really budge.

It's really Waterproof!

Here's me splashing water all over it.

I tried removing it with Heimish All Clean Balm and it didn't work.

I then tried applying mascara remover over it, and it made me removing it a lot easier with just 1 coat of remover.

Duration of use1 day
Price800 for both the mascara and mascara remover
It really coats your every lash
Doesn't clump
Chemical Scent
Difficult to remove if you don't have the mascara remover
Buy again?
Recommend? Definitely!

PS: I bought my mascara from Anything Imported
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