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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Biore Cleansing Oil Review

My Banila Co Clean it Zero has reached pan already, and I wanted to try another makeup remover.  I bought Biore Cleansing Oil from Watson's to test it out.

The dispenser is purple plastic bottle with a pink pump.  The bottle is translucent so you can see how many products you still have left.
It has an apple scent
It's an oil, but when you wash off with water, it will not leave an oily feeling.
I usually pump a small amount into a cotton pad.  I love the apple smell of the oil when I apply it on to my make up.  It doesn't really remove the mascara as effectively as banila co or ever bilena.

Duration of use1 week
Price Php 299. Can be bought in Watson's, Landmark, PCX
Not drying
smells good: apple scent
When it gets into your eyes... It hurts like hell!
Doesn't completely remove mascara
Buy again?
No, will use other makeup remover

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