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Monday, June 30, 2014

Toothless Corner Bookmark

Have you seen the new sequel of How to Train your Dragon? OMG!!! It's sooo amazing!!!

I promised I would make a craft related to the movie. Here it is:

Materials you'll need:
1. Cardstock: black, green, pink, red
2. Glue/ glue tape/ glue stick
3. Cutter
4. Scissors
5. Printer
6. Colored pens, pencils, correction fluid

I created a template for this, which I will upload later.

Get your black cardstock and use the template to cut out the shape. (Sorry, I left the black cardstock in the locker in the hospital, so I just colored the paper black w/ black pentel pen)

After coloring, I cut out 2.5 x 2.5 inch squate from pink cardstock. I cut iut the eyes in green cardstock also.
After which, you can paste the eyes.
I drew some more details and colored the eyes w/ colored pencils and pens
Add more detail like scales. Tongue shading, ears etc.
Here's the finished product!
Til next project!

Toothless forever!!!
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