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Friday, June 13, 2014

Bonding time w/ consultants

Isn't it amazing that consultants would take some of their time off to spend time with their residents? 

Whether its just dairy queen ice cream, kfc, mcdo up to exclusive restaurants, I think it's the moments spent with them are important. You'll get this secured feeling that they're there to guide you in your training.

One of my favorite activities is spending breakfast w/ Dr Olalia. I always get this "fatherly" feel when we're having breakfast with him. It's like we're all his little children hehe :D

1st time we had breakfast at KFC.

Dr delos Angeles is also one of our consultants who treats us to dinner or lunch. Bonding time with him is like spending time with your close friends more of like "hang-out w/ barkada"
Dinner at Pepeton's. Kapalmuks! Woohoo!

Yearly, Dr. Navarro will host a party to welcome the newly accepted 1st year residents. This is one of the big events and attended by lots of consultants as well.
In every 1st year surgery resident's life, this is one party you'll never forget for the rest of your life.
Of course there are little moments we spend in Dr Navarro's clinic where we get free softdrinks and snacks.
Happy birthday Doc!

One of rare occassions was when Dr Nucum treated us in a buffet. It's always a happy time whenever you're with him, never a dull moment.
At Buffet 101, Robinson's Magnolia.

The last but not the least in this list is w/ Dr Alcid. When I entered surgery, he was our RTO and has taught us a lot from academics to the way you present yourself in front of the patient, to the way you dress. The one who single-handedly guided us and I believe he succeeded since up to present, residents still ask for his advice in managing patients.

He's like your BFF & your teacher at the same t
BFF fries at McDonald's UST pay parking
Lombardi's, Robinson's Magnolia - best cheese pizza I ever tasted.

Hopefully I can have another list of bonding moments w/ consultants :D.

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