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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy birthday Dr Abes!

Actually, the real date of birthday of Dr. abes is June 15, 2014. I wasn't aware of when was his real birthday so I wasn't able to greet him that day. Everyone was busy that day and the other residents forgot also. Oh no! We have to make up for it! We all felt guilty that we forgot his special day.

Dr Abes I think is the most senior consultant in the Surgery Department, and though he was a 'terror' mentor before during his younger days, I admire still his passion for teaching. 

I admire that he would still go to our conferences to share his knowledge & to challenge us with his questions. I admire that he would still do surgeries deite his age. i admire that he is open to new ideas and that he would at the same time share his traditional ways which sometimes wpuld really help your management of patients in special cases and whenever they're financially constrained.

In other words, WE LOVE DR ABES!!!

We ate at Chicken Inasal ng Bacolod near The Medical City. It's kind of weird that UST surgery residents would all go to medical city just to eat at chicken inasal, but that's where our birthday celebrant wished to go. So there we will go.

I love the food by the way hehe and Grey Goose of course. Also I think the cake we ordered was just right for him. Even at an expensive price, I think it's worth it, especially if it's customized just for the person whom had a special place all in our hearts.

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