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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

I'm declaring myself as daddy's girl. Even if my other siblings would say the same thing. I'm very thankful I have a really cool dad. 
Today is his special day, we got him spa certificate and I got him I'm not sure what you call that, the covering for car to protect from sunlight...? Anyways after givibg him his gift, we went to eat to celebrate. 
We're lucky I'm not on duty so we're complete in the celebration.
We ate at Bubble Tea in Banawe
It was something simple, and we preferred it that way since we don't want too many people abd waiting long for the food.
Love their drinks, when you wabt to be free of colas you should go here since they don't sell softdrinks.
My favorite dish was the yogi's fries. Amazing.

I'll give this restaurant a rating of 3.5/5
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