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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Storing your Wool Roving

My wool are calling to me, "Hey we miss you!" I think it's time to give them some loving again, I have to make a needlefelt project soon =D

I would like to share how I store my wool rovings.  I like buying those wool rovings that comes in packs with a combination of colors, more of like a trial pack, each containing 1 lb of wool roving per color.  I also have those that I bought with 2lbs.  I thought of how I can store them in a way I could see the colors at the same time. 
I got myself a bead organizer =D I bought this from my local bead store.

Don't worry my wool rovings, we will be together again soon.
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  1. Hello! Been trying to find felting wool here in Manila and stumbled on your lovely blog. Would love to know where you bought your wool roving and felting wool. Many thanks and hoping for more wool felting projects to come from you. ;)


  2. Hi Anna! I've been also trying to find felting wool in Manila but as of today, none yet.
    I bought my wool roving abroad. Singapore & Hk.