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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bijou Strap through the change of times

I decided today to  give my bijou watch another look to accommodate the new trends & demands of the present.

This is the very first bijou watch I made in 2009:

 This was the prototype bijou watch. I created this as my prototype.  Wearing it for a month to see any problems that may arise & any modifications before I make other bijou watches.

I can remember the very first day I wore it to school.  I received a lot of comments like "Wow, you're watch is so cute & cool." Then I'll say, "thank you!" with a big smile on my face.  Then I'll say, "I can even use it as a wallet & pencil case." Then they'll have a big surprise in their faces, "No way! how's that possible?" Then I'll eagerly show them.  They'll have this reaction, "Wow! Ang galing mo! ("You're good!"), you should sell it."

I still wear this first bijou watch that I made & I still receive the same reactions I received before.  Never failed to give smiling reactions from other people. This bijou watch has withstood 3 battery changes, dozens of washings & I'm still using it!  It's very durable.

Now, I decided that it's time to give it a new look.  I have a new ipod nano, & I thought I can modify my bijou watch prototype to suit my ipod nano.  Here's what I came up with:
It comes with an earphone winder (the one with the blue button on top right of the picture.  Now I can wear this wherever I want together with my new ipod nano.  I think my ipod nano loves its new strap too.

I now have a new study buddy =D

Still waiting for rain to go away & sunshine to come out so I can get a better picture of my new bijou watch strap!
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