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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Doctors are Creative too

I believe that every doctor has a sense of creativity in themselves.  After all Healing people is art & craftmanship.  Don't believe me? Imagine a person who had skin cancer & the tumor has to be removed, leaving a creater in your face.  Only the doctors will be able to repair it in such a way that you look like a normal person.  Here's just one example:

Can you imagine what will be the impact on this person when he grows up as an adult if his cleft lip was not repaired?  It's like the ultimate craft! Your craft has changed this kid's life forever!

Speaking of craft, I just remembered during our retreat when we were asked to make a poster that will symbolize how you look at the future Thomasian doctor.

We were grouped & asked to make a poster, it's like Craft Wars! You're given a set of materials & you have to make a decent poster out of it.  
Here's a group of brilliant young doctors.

In action, assembling the poster from available materials.

Finished product

I think we used 1/8 illustration board here, crepe paper, twigs, plastic, newspaper, glitter, yarn, tracing paper (to trace the ust 400 logo), crayons, pine cones, cardboard.

I'm truly proud with our work, since it was neat & has dimension.
It's an experience I'll truly treasure =D
If it was a contest, we would have won a place for sure!

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