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Monday, July 16, 2012

My Monster Pet shop - Transmutator Experiment

With the new upgrade of my favorite game app in iphone: Monster Pet Shop, there were new featurres such as the transmutator, new backgrounds & giveing baths for your monsters, etc.

With the new transmutator, I decided to have a little experiment to see how fast will your monster grow if you use it, since you need 10 monster berries to buy it in the first place.  So here's what I did.  

I hatched 2 Skinny krakels at the same time.  

The yellow skinny krakel, I used transmutator when caring for it everytime.  For the purple skinny krakel, I don't use transmutator when caring for it.  Then I compared which one will grow faster.

I was excited to see the results, so after the 1st level up, I took pictures of them.  There's little difference on the rate of yellow vs purple.  But the yellow grew faster than the purple one.

 After caring here's the end result: The yellow skinny krakel grew faster then the purple krakel, by 16 hours (I need to return to the Purple krakel 2x after the yellow krakel to get it to grow to it's highest level).

So I would personally recommend to use the transmutator in caring for your monsters =D.

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