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Monday, October 6, 2014

Going back to Quiapo

I think it's been almost 2 years since I went back to Quiapo, my bead haven... Since the start of residency, I'be stopped making beaded jewelry or at least going to Quiapo to buy supplies. Quiapo is still the same, with many street vendors and lots of people in Quiapo church silently praying.  There are still lots of street children selling stuffs to earn a living.  

The beadshops in Villalobos street has changed.  Wellmanson has expanded already, it's really the biggest beadstore in the street.  My favorite swarovski store has also expanded, and recently I've discovered the "stainless" heaven store. I loved it! 

I think I've really suppressed my craft soul, when I arrived in Quiapo, I felt nostalgic and very happy and satisfied just by being there. I heard my craft soul telling me, "thank you, it's been a while." I felt all my craft suppressions unleashed that I went back to Quiapo the next day to buy more, and I spent a total of 8k inthose two days alone.

You should have seen my room, fulled with my Quiapo hauls. I forgot to take picture of my room all messy with beads. 

Here's a gist of what I bought all packed up. Can't wait to make projects out of it!

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