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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gatsby Headdress

One of challenges living in a dorm is having the avilability of craft materials for your project. Such was my predicament in my last project, Gatsby/1920s inspired headdress. 

I was invited to a gatsby themed debut, in such short notice and busy schedule, and saving money also, I decided tp forego the flapper dress and just use accessory to give the impression of 1920s fashion.

I bought everything I used in this project from SM San Lazaro department store, lucky halloween is near, so I have more things to work on. Oh yeah, plus additional metal settings I previously bought from Quiapo.

Materials I used in this project:
Glue gun
Pearl head band
Metal chain
Metal extensions
Acrylic crystals

I got my feather from masquerade mask. Choose a pony tail with a vintage feel.

1. Remove the elastic part of the ponytail and attach metal extensions.

2. With your acrylic crystals, string some and attach them also. You could use jump rings and attach them to the extensions.

This is what it will look like

3. Dettach the feathers from the mask, and glue them to the back with glue gun.

4. Glue the pearl headband.

5. Use your large jump rings to attach the chains to the pearl headband.

And you're done!

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