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Friday, October 24, 2014

Kawaii Themed Cafe

Finally got my break from the hospital, so I grabbed the chance to escape away from the Philippines, to visit HK.

I think it's been 3 years since I've been in HK with my friends. This time it's different, I get to travel alone, I felt kind of excited and scared at the same time at first. But hey, it's Hk and I'll be living with my relatives, what could possibly go wrong?

I felt I got to try somethin pg new in Hk apart from shopping, while searching the net I came across a snoopy themed cafe. The coffee shop was named Charlie Brown Cafe. So I decided that I'll devote my time to visit these kawaii themed cafe in HK.

Let's start of with Little Twin Star themed cafe. In Langham place in Mongkok, they have this celebration for 40 yrs of Hello Kitty. So for a certain period of time, the restaurants in Langham Place will have decorations devoted to the character, last month I think was Kuromi & my Melody (too bad I missed it, or it would be like heaven for med, I really love Kuromi!!!). Anyways, at Langham Place, at the 10th floor, 1000 Bites have decorations and food Little Twin Star themed.
The prices are really expensive, all I could buy were the cookies priced at HK$22 for 2 pcs of butter cookies.

Next stop will be the Hello Kitty Secret Garden Cafe at Tai Hing. This is actually hidden, you have to have a really active internet connection to help you navigate through the small streets in Hk. I advise you not to go there alone, or if you're alone, go there during the day.

This has gret interiors, you can see the tables have printed hello kitty in them, the chairs as well. Th comfort room even has hello kitty tiles.
I ordered bacon and pumpkin quiche. And also coffee latte

Tuna sandwich also. The food tasted ordinary, nothing special, but the presentation of the food is such an eye candy.
And can you see all the cakes with hello kitty in them! The cakes are priced HK$45 each, the latte I think around that price also, I forgot sorry!

There's also a small branch of the Hello Kitty cafe at Sogo, Causeway Bay. It's really just a stall, no place to eat, if you want to take out a cake, you can get from there, since it's more accessible and easier to find than the secret garden cafe.

The 3rd and certainly my favorite of all the cafe I visited, is the Charlie Brown Cafe, located at Ca,eron Road, Tsim Tsa Tsui.

I think this is the most authentic of all the kawaii themed cafe. Everything, from walls, imteriors,  lights, mirrors, doors, are all snoopy themed! This was definitely all worth it looking for and going into.

If I am to go back I'll go back here! I ordered cafe latte and cafe mocha, the mocha tasted great. Priced at HK$42 for small. They have 3 different sizes for the coffee

I think my tita enjoyed the experience also 

Amazing cakes! Priced at Hk$40+ I think for the mousse cakes.

It was a definitely fun experience visiting these kawaii theme cafe in HK, different from the typical shopping I usually do here. It was really worth it!

Til next trip!
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