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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Playing with soft pastel

This will be the first time I'll ever use a soft pastel. I looked all over the net to get inspirations. But I guess the artist in me is still sleeping or lazy. 

I told myself I'll do something artsy today. I bought these soft pastels from Daiso, I didn't know why I bought it probably one of my shopping impulses again. 

I guess I just wanted to play w/ soft pastels, so I just did whatever I want with it, not knowing how to use them in the first place. I just colored them like what I remember in one of art attack's episodes. It kind of looked like chalk art though.

For this project I thought I'd use a black base card.

Black cardstock
Soft pastels

1. First thing I did was to draw my image into the card.

2. Color with soft pastels
3. Line with silver pen.

I know, this is not the way to handle soft pastels, but like I said, I just wanted to do something without worrying if I did the techniques right. Let it go! As the song went.

Lessons learned:
1. If you have no plans of smudging the pastels, don't erase your pencil drawings, it will mark like the moon in this card.
2. This is a messy project, be sure you work in a place you're allowed to make a mess.
3. Watch videos or read on it when you want to try something new.

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