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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dorm Cooking - Oreo Yogurt Parfait

In every resident or intern's life, there will come to a point when you need to eat and there's not much of choices of food except the 24 hour jollibee or mcdonald's . But what if you want to try something new for a change.

I'm starting this new segment on my blog, Dorm Cooking. This is for those people like me, never went near the stove, and is only learning to cook now because of necessity. Since I'm living alone in the dormitory with only microwave, small rice cooker, oven toaster, fridge around.

Ingredients would mainly come from either supermarket or 7-11 (since 7-11 is the closest convenient store near me).

Let's start something simple today. Oreo yogurt parfait.

1 pack of three oreo cookies
1 snack size yogurt

1. Crush the oreos with your fingers while the pack is not yet opened. So as not to make a mess.
2. Pour the some crushed oreos into a glass.
3. Put some yogurt into the glass. 
4. Layer the oreos and yogurt alternately.
Enjoy this simple snack!
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