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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rose petal cupcake - Review

We went to SM Aura yesterday for a lecture about scars and their management. Being a plastic surgery rotator, I'm obliged to attend no complaints from me since it's SM Aura anyways. 

This was also the first time I met Doc Bryan, Dr Sam Ang's son, I knew Kevin since he was my batchmate since college.

I went out a while during the lecture since it was really cold inside the SMX. As I was walking around, I saw the Royal Gourmet Cupcake. I was lured by their pretty cupcakes! They all look so elegant. i went to buy one to taste their cupcake.

I was intrigued by the Princess Rose Petal Cupcake, plus it's really pretty!

I had one for take out. I will not comment on the 'dryness' of the cupcake since I ate the cupcake the next day after refrigerating it, it will really turn the cupcake dry. But reading from reviews the downside of their cupcakes were really that they're dry.

It's a vanilla cupcake with rose flavored frosting. The frosting really brought the rose petal flavor. It was weird for me actually, & I didn't like it. I didn't like eating a flower haha. The cupcake has a rose petal jam filling which I love. It gave the cupcake a kick into it. 

I would definitely go back to buy other flavors, but I won't buy the rose petal cupcake again.
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