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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cosa Nostra Headdress

We're having our Intern's Party tomorrow.  It's a themed party, Mafia/1920s fashion etc etc.  This will be the ONLY intern's party I will be able to attend to.  Well the other parties? They're usually on the date I'm ON DUTY so no choice but to stay in the hospital.  Anyways I'm excited for tomorrow.

I think that I won't be buying a dress for the party, well, because I think that flapper dress is not my really type of fashion.  So I don't think that it will be practical for me to buy the flapper dress just for 1 event.  I'll just look into my old wardrobe & work with it.  Hehe, I'll be posting the pictures tomorrow.  Right now I'm from duty, so I couldn't detail what I'll be wearing tomorrow. Just watch out for the full get up.

I was 1/2 day today, luckily! So I stopped by at Trinoma to look for any accessory for the party.  I'll just invest on accessories since I won't be spending on the dress anyways.  Well I searched through landmark, I was tired, & I only have limited time to snoop around.  I bought a hairclip, & I was looking for feathers but no feather inspired accessory fit for me.  Luckily I was able to find a pair of earrings w/ feathers that have the right length that I want to.

So.... I converted the earrings etc etc, scrap ribbons, etc etc, my scrap here at home & here's my finished product

I'll tell you the details of how I made this later... right now I'm sleepy, 'til next time!
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