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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lumpia Festival

It's my most anticipated time of year in the chinese calendar.  The day I personally call "Lumpia Festival".  This is the time when we honor our deceased loved ones & we eat vegetarian food, Lumpia!!

Recipe of our Lumpia was handed down from generation to generation.  No written instructions, purely verbal & training handed down through generations.  Preparing is also a very tedious task.  It takes around 2 days to prepare for the Lumpia, everybody loves our lumpia.  During this time of the year, we share them through our friends as well. And all would have the same comment "Masarap siya!" Gawa pa kayo nito, then I'll say, sorry you have to wait til next year, because it's only prepared 1x/year.  Then next year, I'll invite them to enjoy lumpia & no matter what their doing, they'll really adjust their schedule just so they can accomodate their appetite to indulge in our Lumpia.

The components of the Lumpia
 Lumpia in the Making
Ready to eat Lumpia!
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