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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What I Love Bracelets & Earrings Set

For my entry in the beading category, here are bracelet & earrings set.

I think the common theme I have for this collection is what I love.
In General:
Project type: Bead
Project time: 2 hours for 4 sets
Project date: 4/3/15

 Pink Makeup
Bracelet & Earrings Set
Whenever I see the touch of pink, I remember the shades of pink of the makeup I wear.  I really love the color of pink makeup.
 My Love for Tea Outside
Bracelet & Earrings Set

This bracelet symbolizes my love for tea.  The heart symbolizes "love", teapot symbolizes tea, butterfly symbolizes nature.  All the things I love in different shades of my favorite color.
 Lucky Green
Bracelet & Earrings Set
Green symbolizes a lot of things: wealth, nature, healing.  Jade is perfect for good luck companion in your everyday activities
White Grape Cocktail Drink
Bracelet & Earrings Set
Whenever I want to celebrate, I always buy Welch's grape cocktail juice, either in red or white grape, it's the perfect companion for any celebration!
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