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Monday, August 27, 2012

How does Physician Board Exam feels like?

After 3 months of studying, you've come to face the Board Exams, you just hope that you remember what you have studied during the examination.

The night before your exam, you couldn't sleep well, you have palpitations, OMG, This is it!

On the day of your exam, you got to meet some of your med classmates, "Hey how are you?!" "Grabe! Kinakabahan na ako!"

Then comes the questionnaire & answer sheet to you, while answering, "Oh no, I don't know this questtio, then you move to another question, then you don't know again, then you move to another question, wa... then you realized, you just keep moving on & there's already 1 whole page without answers, then you'll procced until 3 pages without answers, then you think, oh no..."

By the end of the exam, "Grabe! ang hirap nun!" Babagsak na ata ako

Then after the break, you get to the 2nd & 3rd exam with the same feeling every after exam.

By the end of the day, you feel really tired  & defeated, depressed, disappointed as you discover some of the questions' correct answer...

By next day, you wake up again, stand up, it's a new day, let's do this!

By the end of all exams, what you can only do is wait.... & pray... hope I at least past the difficult exam...

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