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Friday, August 3, 2012

Batman Undies Stethoscope tag

I was looking through amazon when I saw this:
I think it was around $6.00+, hm.. first of all, I'm not in USA, so I can't buy this, 2nd have this ship here in the Philippines won't be practical since it's just $6 & the tax will be more expensive than the item itself.

So after staring at it, I thought I'd make one myself.  It's like I'm getting the P.S. I made this motto: I see it, I like it, I make it.

So off we go to make one.  I made lots of templates for this one, but I can't seem to get "the look" Then I had an idea, why not make a straight bracelet type felt around it, I mean it was brilliant!
So I gathered my materials.

Then upon making at around 3/4 of the project, I realized, hey, this will fall off the stet.  I need something to stop it from falling.  Then I thought of how to make it not fall down the stet.   I tried to remember the original design, then I realized why not make a strap at the lower portion, just like undies.

So I proceeded making the straps at the bottom & it worked! I now have undies for my stet.  I'm calling it undies since to put it on your stet is like wearing your undies, you have to pull it from below.  Anyways here's  my finished product.
This is for my friend by the way, hehe, at least now there won't be the hassle of looking for your stethoscope, only to realize it's in someone's shoulder already.  At least here it's shouting I'M YOUR STETHOSCOPE!!

The logo was needle felted onto felt fabric =D
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