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Monday, August 13, 2012

Donating Everything in my Piggybank

It all started with my this year's new year's resolution.  I told myself, that I'll be donating some of the proceeds to UST St. Cosmas & Damian to help the patients in their hospital bill.

But then, this tragedy came to the Philippines, heavy floods destroying millions of houses & claiming several lives.  So I thought.. even if the year hasn't ended yet, I think this will be an ideal time to give donations from my piggybank.

It took me several days to contemplate for this donation, the money in this piggybank is the money I got from selling some of my works.  It truly is hard earned money.

I looked inside, not much, I counted the money, a total of P3950.  This is all I got since Jan 2012?

So I went to get a legal size white envelope, used the stamps I bought online, & some colored pens. Something very simple, because I have to go to school within 30 minutes.
Then I was staring at the envelope, wrote the quotation, "art in saving lives" since this money, is from craft, from art, & I'll be donating them to save lives.

As I put the seal of the envelope, suddenly all my craft experiences to get this amount of money flashed back in my face, there's this time when I had to get an antitetanus shot since I accidentally cut myself with my scissors because the wound was deep, the times when I was needle felting & I could just hear myself, "OUCH!" because I accidentally pricked myself, so literally, blood was shed to get that money.

I'm no angel, here I was, with all of my earnings, from hard work, & my blood.  I will be donating 100% of it to charity.  Some part of me, doesn't want to let go of the money, it's like it's part of you. Without it, I won't be able to buy to materials to fund my work.

With all this view of events coming to me, I cried... It's like parting a part of you, my craft soul was begging, "Please... how can we work? how can we make pretty things if we don't have money?"

As I was putting my final seal, I was crying, ganito pala kahirap to... it's different, if you're donating, your savings from what your parents gave you, it's harder to give it when it all came from you,  yun pinaghirapan mo talaga, hindi pinaghirapan ng parents mo.

Now I'm craft broke, none left in my piggy bank for crafting... You might think it's insignificant, but for me, it meant a lot, I cried...
I felt my guardian angel hugged me, saying, "You did the right thing, I'm so proud to both of you..."
As I went to church, I handed Ron, our internship president the donation envelope.  He said, thank you, I'll be giving this to Medicine Student Council.  I said, "Ok." I then said a little prayer, "God, kayo na po bahala sa pera, I know hindi Niyo yun pababayaan."
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