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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Olalia

You'll know when you're loved by your students, when during your special dday, you'll receive lots of token of appreciation & love.  As exemplified by one of my favorite GS consultants, Dr. Olalia.  I think we feel his fatherly love and he shares his knowledge of life and surgery to us without any constraints.

I personally could feel his fatherly love to us residents, and I'm very much thankful that I've met him and  that he's always more than willing to teach us not only in surgery but in life as well.

I think this picture says enough on how much he is loved by his students
And if you're not convinced, just see how many cakes he received, not only one but three! plus cupcakes!

On behalf of the surgery residents, WE LOVE YOU DR OLALIA!

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