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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Box Card

In life, you would meet someone who would make a big impact to your life.  When you meet that someone, you should take advantage of it and enjoy every minute you're with him.  I kind of sounded like someone in love.

Love can be expressed in lots of ways, to your special someone, to your relatives, to your teacher, trainer, friends etc. 

Such as this time, since I'm itching to try out the new paper goodies I just bought & at the same time, I thought of what's the best way to express how I feel for someone in an artform.  What words can't fully expressed, I think you can express it in art or in action.

So I thought the best way to express this to is to one of my favorite consultants, Dr. Olalia! And the way I thought I could express it is through a card, a box card.  The moment I saw it in the internet, I fell in love with the idea and I think today is the best time to make it.

I love the way it turned out! Fully personalized!

And I think Doc O loved it!

Happy birthday doc!!!

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