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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ramen Nagi - Food Review

Ramen Nagi at Robinson's Magnolia just opened.  There's been a craze over ramen here in the Philippines lately & this will be the first time I'll eat here after a few months since the peak of its craze.

It's a pity I didn't order the black ramen, I didn't know this is the dish to eat here. My med school barkada and I tried the other flavored ramen.

 I ordered the Butao King. As the menu says, it is their signature and there was a crown in the label in the menu, so I thought this was really their signature dish.  But I really love this dish, flavorful.
 Ivan ordered the red nagi, this is the spicy one.  Really spicy according to him.  He loves it but since he tasted butao before, he prefers butao king compared to the red nagi.
 Benj ordered the new dish, which is the curry ramen.  He said he wanted to try something different.  He loves it. I tasted the curry soup, it was kind of weird for me, since I love curry when compared with rice.  It was weird to taste it with ramen.
Here's the three of us while we were waiting for Jan, he was in the volleyball game as one of the doctors there.

He said he was on his way to Magnolia so we ordered his ramen in advance.  But he got caught in traffic, so his ramen turned cold, the dining manager noticed the untouched ramen, so he took it out.  According to him, he'll serve a freshly made ramen when my friend arrives free of charge.  Isn't it nice? Taking pride and trying to maintain the best time to eat the ramen.

Finally Jan arrived and was rewarded with his freshly prepared, hot ramen & a paper bib hahahaha.  He ordered the red ramen also, and loved it.

It's been I think 2 years since we got together again.  Sa uulitin!

My rating: 5/5

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