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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cupcake Omelette - Dorm Cooking

One of my residents yesterday asked me to make an artsymed dorm cooking. Time to try out the silicone cupcake molds I bought from the supermarket.

This recipe will yield 11 mini cupcakes.

1 small can vienna sausage
2 medium sized eggs
1/2 eden cheese sulit pack
salt & pepper to taste

1. Whisk the eggs  & put in salt & pepper to taste
2. Cut the cheese into cubes & slice the vienna sausage.

3. Line the silicone cupcake molds with cupcake liners
4. Pour in the egg into the molds, drop cheese & sausage.
5. Cook your cupcake omelette in the microwave under low heat for 2 minutes
6. Enjoy

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