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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Makings of Cosa Nostra Headdress

Let me briefly show you how I made the Cosa Nostra Headdress.  Sorry only few pictures since I was in a hurry making this.

Materials I used:
  • ribbon hairpiece - I bought this from Landmark, Trinoma
  • Feathers
  • faux pearl beads
  • acrylic gemstones, flatbacks
  • velvet ribbon
  • E6000 / hot glue gun
  • jump rings, lobster locket, extender, headpin
  • scrap ball chains

First, you'll measure the circumference of your head then cut the ribbon to desired length

Second we'll attach headpin & um.. I don't know what it's called but it's in the picture. I glued the ribbon using E6000

Then I put in lobster lock & extender to both ends.

3rd: I took some acrylic rhinestones & attached it to the ribbon, using hot glue gun.
4th: I took some scrap ballchains & attached it to lobster locks, then I attached it to big rings.

Then I glued the big rings to the ribbon using E6000

The other ball chains I attached it behind the rhinestones to hide the other ends.

I made a strand of pearls & attached it as well.

5th: I took the ribbon clip, then attached the 2 feathers at the back to give me that 'flapper' feel of the 1920s.
Here's the finished product!

when worn!
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