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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Disappointed over unexpected turn of events

Today is my last day of the 'Minors' rotation, I enjoyed the minors honestly.  It's like they're just right, not too toxic, but you still feel you're a doctor.

Anyways, I recently got an offer of a commissioned project.  But sad to say I have to turn it down due to unexpected turn of events.

I have so little time left before going to neurology rotation.  That's TOMORROW!
Anyways, I received the offer yesterday, I have to make a set of accessory for a wedding.  I loved the idea actually, it'll be my first for an event.  I usually make accessory for everyday use.  But for an event it's like a whole new level. hehe.

I stayed up late yesterday just to draw in the designs, and since I'm supposed to be half day today, I can make a quick trip to Quiapo to buy the materials, then by the time I get home, I'll start on it & by tomorrow I'm done.  Perfect plan right??

But the day turned out different.  It started raining at around 12:00 noon.  Okay, my hopes of going to Quiapo are thinning out.  Then I went to the orientation in Neurology after which to my surprise I have to attend the conference after.  Our leader told us that it was ok not to attend the conference, but it turned out that we're expected to attend it.  So....

The conference lasted until 3:30pm, & we haven't had lunch yet! I have to sneak eating a bar of sneakers just so my gastritis won't flare up.

After the conference, went to kfc to get some lunch.  Then sadly I have to go home.  I can't go to Quiapo right now... it's late already, & I still have to go to Bambang to buy reflex hammer.

So which is more important to go to Bambang or Quiapo?  Bambang.... because I need reflex hammer tomorrow..... To my desmay... I texted my consignee... I'm sorry I can't make the project, I couldn't go to Quiapo today....
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