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Friday, January 20, 2012

Irony of Helping Out

I'm going to make up in pediatrics tomorrow as one of my deficit in internship. I was late, so I have to make up for 0.5 days.

Why was I late??

Here's what happened that day:

As I was leaving our house, I saw my aunt sitting, very pale, eyes closed, very weak. My mom said, what happened?
I looked at her, I don't know if she has any illness since she doesn't seek consult.
I took her BP= 110/70, so it's not hypotension. I checked her pulse, it's w/in normal range around 70s if I can remember it right, so it's not bradycardia.
I looked at her palperbral conjunctivae, it's pink.
I held her hand, it's cold sweats... I suspect it's probably hypoglycemia...
We let her inside the room, she lay down, she's conscious, but very weak, I gave her a piece of candy.
According to my mom, this has happened before when I was probably attending a class, she lost consciousness during that time. I can't remember if she was brought to the hospital. But my family told me that it was because she was really tired, she woke up early in the morning & probably couldn't go back to sleep so she cleaned her house. Then she lost consciousness. Could it be another episode of hypoglycemia? or probably vaso-vagal?? Hm...?

Anyways, as a result of helping her out that day. I was late at the hospital. I think I was late for 20 minutes. The resident told me, you're late.
I said: Sorry doctora, nahimatay po yun tita ko sa bahay di ako makaalis kagad.
Resident: Ok, pero late ka parin.

And here, as a result, I'll make that up. That's the life of a medical intern. That's what future doctors have to face. So be appreciative of your doctors. They've suffered too you know.
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