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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ophthalmology - Ocular Manifestations in Pregnancy

There are 2 versions of this handout. Thanks to Vani Lim who transcribed this lecture from my camera. Such a big help =D. Anyways, since I didn't typed the notes, her version of the lecture will not be password protected. However the 2nd version of the same handout contains some of my notes from Dr. Sua, this though is password protected.

Ocular Manifestations in Pregnancy - by Vani (Not password protected)

Ocular Manifestations in Pregnancy with Avelyn's Notes (Password-protected)

Ps: to those who have downloaded my handout before in thyroid ophtha, this file has the same password as that previous one. To those who would want to know my password. Just ask me, through ym, email, sms, in class, etc.
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