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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

got scolded

I got scolded because one of my classmates downloaded one of my handouts posted here & claimed it as his own. My OB professor/doctor told me that I'm tolerating the other's um I can't remember the term, laziness? by providing them of my typewritten handout. I'm not helping him daw.

hm... 1st of all is it really my fault? Maybe partly because I'm posting my handouts for everybody's consumption. But my reason for posting my handouts here is for back up files in case my laptop or computer broke down, I won't lose the soft copies of the handouts I made.

My classmate is definitely wrong in saying that he made that handout & that my teacher saw my name on the hand out when she borrowed it.

She even asked me if I'm earning for from this, I said no. I'm not even mass producing it nor distributing it to our class. My primary purpose is just for back up.

Anyways due to this event, my next ob handout posts will be password protected. So that I'll know who will be asking for it, if they ask me of the password. & so I can control who gets to have a copy of my handout.
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